A2 by Aerosoles – Ultimate comfort for your feet

Aerosoles is a brand known for its ultimate comfort, unique design and flexibility system. A2 by Aerosoles are also made keeping in mind all these factors. Its unique flexible sole incorporated in each pair is designed to absorb high impact while walking by dispersing the pressure on each step. These diamond soles in A2 by Aerosoles are made such that it absorbs shock while in use.


Aerosoles teams constant endeavor is to develop latest technology and make shoes that are so light in weight that it bends while walking and running and gives ultimate comfort. Other important features of A2 by Aerosoles are- its cushioned insoles which soothes your foot, its stitch n turn style makes the shoe look seamless and ultra flexible and its Technology of an extended calf gives boot lovers twice the comfort with two zippers.

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