The much anticipated DesigNation collection has hit the market this April


The Derek Lam Designation collection was anticipated by all Americans and it has now hit the market this April. The collection is now available over 1,155 stores spread across 49 states in the entire United States and also in its e-commerce website. The collection is of course wallet friendly and has been designed on par with the best fashion statements. It is said that the Derek lam collection is based on the designer’s inspiration on his trip to Rio in Brazil and he has truly mixed the classic and modern touches of the city in his fashion garments.

No doubt the collection is both casual and chit and can be used as a casual wear, resort wear, party and evening wear etc., the swim suit collection from the designer has also inspired young teens across America. These collections make the finest transition between day and night and from day wear to a night suite. The true colors in the garments based on the jungle themes and their striped patterns from the best classic outfits for the modern world. Each fabric is sophisticated to fit modern needs and the tops and bottom skirts and pants are designed in a way to complement each other. Nevertheless, the garments are both fun and absolutely comfortable to wear.

Why the wait? Just peek into the nearest kohls department store or use their online facility to grab the latest DesigNation collection that truly reflects your personality. Hurry or you may lose the race, for the entire collection is for a limited period and soon the third edition of the series is all set to hit the markets. According to sources, it would be based on Paris themes and be designed by Meladrino, an eminent designer based in America.

The DesigNation collection is moderately priced and kohls add more simplicity to the shopping process by combining the collection with coupons and promo codes. Kohls coupon codes 30% offers a flat 30% discount for all purchases made at the retail stores and online outlet.